Knock Out Cyber Criminals

Knock Out Cyber Criminals

Cyber Security Myths & Facts ​

Too many organizations fall victim to believing myths about the state of their own cyber security, and the price to pay can be immeasurable.

Digital Resolve's Enterprise Security: Dispelling Cyber Security Myths white paper not only debunks some of the industry's biggest myths, but also shows exactly how Digital Resolve's cyber security solutions address each one, keeping your organization safe and secure.

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You’ve Heard the Myths, Now Get the Facts

This exclusive white paper breaks down some of the biggest cyber security myths and misunderstandings you need to know to keep your organization safe and secure. Preview some of the myths below and download the full paper to read the facts debunking them, and how Digital Resolve can help.
  • Myth 1: Strong passwords are enough to protect companies from data breaches, online fraud and other cyber attacks.
  • Myth 2: Companies can use either multifactor authentication (MFA) or single sign-on (SSO) technology to provide strong security protection. Having both is technology overkill.
  • Myth 3: External threats are the biggest security risks for companies.
  • Myth 4: A stronger security solution outweighs one with a good user experience. You simply can’t have both.
  • Myth 5: All MFA solutions are created equal, regardless of whether they’re developed/hosted in-house or outsourced.

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