Digital Resolve Introduces New Single Sign-On Solution

Digital Resolve Introduces New Single Sign-On Solution

New Offering Is the Industry’s Only SSO Solution That Automatically Incorporates Multifactor Authentication to Deliver Proactive Protection

ATLANTA(May 16, 2018) – Digital Resolve, a proven online fraud protection and identity intelligence solution provider, today announced the latest addition to its technology platform with the introduction of a new Single Sign-On (SSO) offering that allows enterprises to more easily and securely manage access to sensitive data while giving users a simplified way to manage logins with one click and only one set of credentials.

Offered through the company’s Digital Resolve Platform, SSO is a cloud-based security solution that eliminates time-intensive integrations by providing easy configurations so it can quickly be deployed across the entire enterprise’s technology and business system framework. Digital Resolve’s SSO is the only marketplace solution that automatically incorporates proprietary and proven multifactor authentication (MFA) to provide another level of security to ensure only authorized users are logging in.

“Companies are constantly challenged with ensuring 24/7, secure access to information across a multitude of disparate technology platforms, systems, applications and devices,” said Bill Calpin, CEO for Digital Envoy, parent company of Digital Resolve. “We’ve been quietly working with our existing customers to develop a frictionless SSO solution that works in tandem with our proprietary and substantiated multifactor authentication to provide complete and comprehensive protection. While other vendors do offer both, they outsource their MFA, which reduces the amount of control companies have and tends to drive prices higher. Digital Resolve is the only provider offering a proven, cost-effective SSO solution―with our own MFA technology built in.”

A strong SSO solution is especially beneficial to healthcare, financial services, fast-growth technology, and small- and medium-sized businesses where there may be a sizeable number of employees, partners and customers needing access to corporate systems, applications and information―both onsite and remotely. Benefits from a strong SSO solution are twofold:

Business Benefits:

  • Replaces integration with easy configuration
  • Strengthens security with safer, stronger credentials
  • Reduces IT administration overhead costs
  • Supports compliance and governance protocols
  • Improves employee productivity

User Benefits:

  • Reduces the number of passwords to remember
  • Eliminates frustration with password recovery/reset
  • Provides one-click convenience in managing credentials
  • Assures authenticated access by the legitimate user
  • Consolidates logins across devices and applications

In addition to SSO, other solutions in the Digital Resolve Platform are Multifactor Authentication that includes user and channel profiling, adaptive authentication, and best-practice policy templates; and Behavorial Monitoring and Analytics that includes session and transaction profiling, navigation analysis, real-time intervention, and more.

About Digital Resolve

Since 2004, Digital Resolve has delivered solutions that help companies maintain trust and confidence among their audiences through proven and cost-effective fraud-protection and identity intelligence technology. The Digital Resolve platform provides the industry’s only solution that couples its proprietary and substantiated multifactor authentication (MFA) and behavioral monitoring technology with its own single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to deliver proactive protection that secures online accounts, information and transactions―from login to logout. For nearly 15 years, enterprises across a number of industries, from financial services to fast-growth technology to small- and medium-sized businesses to healthcare, have benefitted from having a single, easy-to-deploy solution that provides comprehensive security for online users.

Visit for more information on the Digital Resolve platform of solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn. Headquartered in Atlanta, Digital Resolve is a division of Digital Envoy Inc.

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